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RTDaemonInfo Class Reference

Public Types

enum  ActorInfoType {
  InfoActor , InfoPort , InfoState , InfoChain ,

Public Member Functions

void setInfo (const char *theActor)
void setInfoActor (const char *theActor, int theAllRecurs)
void setInfoChain (const char *theActor, const char *theOrigin, const char *theTrans, int thePos)
void setInfoPort (const char *theActor, const char *thePort)
void setInfoState (const char *theActor, const char *theState)
void setInfoVariable (const char *theActor, const char *theVariable)

Public Attributes

int daemonKind
int probeNr
char * actorPath
int actorIndex
const RTActor_classinfo
int actorDepth
int allRecurs
char * portName
int portId
int portIndex
char * stateStrTarget
int stateTarget
int stateDepth
char * chainStrOrigin
char * chainStrTrans
int chainOrigin
int chainTrans
int chainPosition
char * variableName

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