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RTEncoding Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for RTEncoding:
RTAsciiEncoding RTJsonEncoding RTVAsciiEncoding

Public Member Functions

virtual int flush (void)=0
virtual int put (const void *, const RTObject_class *)=0
virtual int put_address (const void *)=0
virtual int put_bool (bool)=0
virtual int put_char (char)=0
virtual int put_int (int)=0
virtual int put_long (long)=0
virtual int put_long_long (long long)=0
virtual int put_short (short)=0
virtual int put_uchar (unsigned char)=0
virtual int put_unsigned (unsigned)=0
virtual int put_ulong (unsigned long)=0
virtual int put_ushort (unsigned short)=0
virtual int put_unsignedint (unsigned int)=0
virtual int put_unsignedlong (unsigned long)=0
virtual int put_unsignedlonglong (unsigned long long)=0
virtual int put_unsignedshort (unsigned short)=0
virtual int put_unsignedchar (unsigned char)=0
virtual int put_string (const char *)=0
virtual int put_opaque (int, const char *)=0
virtual int put_enum (int value, int numChoices, const RTFieldDescriptor *choices)=0
virtual int put_array (const void *array_base, int numElements, const RTObject_class *elementType)=0
virtual int put_indirect (const void *pointer, const RTObject_class *targetType)=0
virtual int put_struct (const void *record, const RTObject_class *recordType)=0
virtual int write_string (const char *)

Member Function Documentation

◆ flush()

virtual int RTEncoding::flush ( void  )
pure virtual

Implemented in RTAsciiEncoding.

◆ put()

virtual int RTEncoding::put ( const void *  ,
const RTObject_class  
pure virtual

Implemented in RTJsonEncoding, and RTAsciiEncoding.

◆ write_string()

virtual int RTEncoding::write_string ( const char *  )

Reimplemented in RTAsciiEncoding.

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