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RTOBuffer Class Referenceabstract

Represents an output buffer. More...

#include <RTOBuffer.h>

Inheritance diagram for RTOBuffer:
RTDynamicStringOutBuffer RTMemoryOutBuffer RTStreamBuffer RTTruncatingBuffer RTDiagBuffer RTLogBuffer RTTcpOutBuffer

Public Member Functions

virtual int write (const char *data, int size)=0
 Write a string to the buffer.
virtual int flush (void)=0
 Flushes the data written to the buffer.

Detailed Description

Represents an output buffer.

Member Function Documentation

◆ flush()

virtual int RTOBuffer::flush ( void  )
pure virtual

Flushes the data written to the buffer.

For some output buffers, the written data will not appear in the output until flush() has been called. For others explicit flushing is not needed.

1 if successful, 0 otherwise

Implemented in RTDynamicStringOutBuffer, RTMemoryOutBuffer, RTDiagBuffer, RTLogBuffer, and RTTcpOutBuffer.

◆ write()

virtual int RTOBuffer::write ( const char *  data,
int  size 
pure virtual

Write a string to the buffer.

[in]dataA string to write to the buffer.
[in]sizeThe size of the string to write to the buffer.
The number of bytes written to the buffer

Implemented in RTDynamicStringOutBuffer, RTMemoryOutBuffer, and RTStreamBuffer.

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