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RTTcpSocket Class Reference

Public Types

enum  State { Closed , Listen , SynSent , Established }
enum  { IpAddressSize = 4 }

Public Member Functions

void registerWith (RTIOMonitor *)
int create (void)
void close (void)
int listen (int port)
int acceptFrom (const RTTcpSocket &listener)
int getPrimary (char *ip_address) const
int connect (const char *address, int port)
int hasData (void)
int read (char *, int)
int write (const char *, int)
State state (void)
int getLocalName (char *, int) const
int getLocalPort (void) const
void setMaxPendingConnections (int)

Static Public Member Functions

static int lookup (const char *host, char *ip_address)
static int lookup_numeric (const char *host, char *ip_address)

Protected Member Functions

int try_connect (void)

Protected Attributes

int _sd
State _state
int _max_pending_connections
char _peer_ip [IpAddressSize]
int _peer_port

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