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RTComponentDescriptor Struct Reference

This structure describes a capsule part (a.k.a. More...

#include <RTComponentDescriptor.h>

Public Types

enum  Kind { Fixed , Optional , Imported }

Public Attributes

const char * name
 Name of capsule part.
const RTActorClassdefaultClass
 The capsule typing the capsule part (the default type when incarnating the capsule part)
RTFieldOffset offset
 The byte offset of the associated RTActorRef within the containing class, relative to RTActor.
short id
 An integer, uniquely identifying this capsule part within the containing class.
char kind
 Distinguishes between fixed, optional and imported capsule parts.
char substitutable
 For a non-fixed capsule part, can other capsules than the capsule part type be used when incarnating?
int replication
 Multiplicity (a.k.a.
int numInterfaces
 The number of interface requirements.
const RTInterfaceDescriptorinterfaces
 An array of interface (replication) requirements.
int numBindings
 The number of bindings to this capsule part.
const RTBindingDescriptorbindings
 An array of interface (protocol) requirements.
 Optional capsule factory to be used for creating and destroying capsule instances in this capsule part.

Detailed Description

This structure describes a capsule part (a.k.a.

a component of a capsule).

Member Data Documentation

◆ replication

int RTComponentDescriptor::replication

Multiplicity (a.k.a.

replication factor) of the capsule part

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