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RTProtocolDescriptor Struct Reference

Public Types

enum  Status { ok , badSignal , badType }

Public Member Functions

const char * inSignalName (int signal) const
int inSignalNamed (const char *) const
const char * outSignalName (int signal) const
int outSignalNamed (const char *) const
Status compare (const RTProtocolDescriptor *) const
int compatibleWith (const RTProtocolDescriptor *) const
Status canSend (int signal, const RTObject_class *type) const
Status canReceive (int signal, const RTObject_class *type) const

Public Attributes

const RTProtocolDescriptorsuper
const RTProtocolDescriptorconjugate
const char * name
RTVersionId version
int numInSignals
const RTSignalDescriptorinSignals

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